XRP Analysis: 2 Reasons Why A 200% Move Is Expected

August 17, 2020

Here at Beyond The Hodl we focus on making high probability decisions at key levels where we believe Smart Money — whales — will enter the market. Using our Smart Money concepts we have proven its one of the best and most reliable ways to forecast the market with more consistency and accuracy than most.

These levels of high probability always begin with a move counter to the direction you want to see prices go. The reason for this is that the whales have such large positions they cannot buy on up moves. They must fool the majority into selling to them at a low cost so they can take the counter position.

This will then lead to an aggressive move higher which will get the retail (small players) involved and excited about the move. They will try to ride the trend when its already too late and they will end up buying the selling from what the whales had bought at the low.

This cycle will then rinse and repeat over and over again. This is what creates the flows and ranges that we see in the market.

This may sound elementary and simple and that is because it is. Yet, 99% of the people in this market still do not use this simple idea to profit from the market.

So what does all this have to do with #XRP?

If we understand the theory of how the Smart Money/Whales put money into the market as I explained above, you can see why this makes for a very exciting and once in a lifetime opportunity!

Lets breakdown why I believe this to be true below!

For those that would prefer to watch the breakdown in video format here it is below!

Reason #1:

We have hit the Weekly Demand from December 4th 2017. This is one of the strongest signals you can ever get in price action because that specific level was the down move before the 1,500% moonshot that occurred 4 weeks after! 

Since we assume that Smart Money bought on the move down we would expect the same level to be used once it is retested for residual orders. 

Notice that prices only went 15% below the open of the demand zone while trying to find support. Close up of zone found in picture #2

Reason #2

Great so we have our zone but how do we capitalize on it?

Because the market is a fractal that means that the same exact model that was used on a macro scale for the December range can be used again to get into the trade.

This means that:

1) We define our range by drawing out swing highs and lows to find a discount zone

2) We notice that before prices took off on the week of July 27th a weekly demand is hit.

If you follow us on twitter @beyondthehodl, then you would have realized this was hit and this market was ready for take off!

So where does that leave us now?

This is the time when we pull out the #SMPDT to give us a “road map” of what to expect when our moves are unfolding.

If you have no clue what Smart Money Price Delivery Theory is please enroll for our free course, this way we are on the same page!

When applying the #SMPDT model we notice that Q1 never hit the weekly demand (WD) or had dipped into an existing discount. It is not shown in this specific picture (it will be in the video) but it actually had hit a premium which would have suggested the move lower to the demand zone we wanted.

Halfway through Q2 we entered the demand and thats when the low was expected to be formed. Now that it has rejected and we believe a low is formed, we MUST go back above the Yearly Open (YO). This is one of the most important parts when applying this model to a yearly time frame.

Remember its impossible for a candle to close bullish and not go back ABOVE its open. This is why this works so well, we will either crush it and confirm the bullish yearly candle or we will reject at this level and retrace before moving higher again (this part will be covered in the video).

Remember the expectation is to be above this by the close of Q4.

Now for the million dollar question: IF we get to go above YO, where am i looking to target as potential highs?

Target #1 will be the weekly supply for +76%

Target #2 will be the low of the monthly supply for +170%

Target #3 will be another monthly supply near the high of the range for +238%

All levels will be covered in more depth during the video.

Based on these concepts taken straight from our free course and more found in our mastery course, we have been able to navigate #XRP and establish that there is a high probability of a large move that will make us glad to have stayed open minded enough to buy XRP and reap its rewards.

See you on the next Coin Analysis!

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By Ralph

Co-Founder of Beyond The Hodl

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