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Beyond The Hodl

Aggregated order flow and volume profile tools to take your trading to the next level.

"Trading is not about being right but identifying when others are wrong." - unknown

Here at Beyond The Hodl we provide you with the tools, resources and education necessary to be able to identify exactly when traders are getting caught on the wrong side.

Order Flow Charts

Our orderflow charts are an aggregate of the top exchanges and thus give you a more complete picture of how the market is positioned for that specific coin.

The charts include a CVD (Cumulative Volume Delta) indicator along with our order flow strength meter showing you how extreme the aggressive buying or selling is.

Aggregated order flow charts

TradingView Suite

Our tradingview suite offers a complete suite of indicators to help you better analyze the markets. The suite includes:
Aggregated volume profile, aggregated volume, COT, liquidity levels and volatility ranges.

Market Sentiment Indicator

Our market sentiment indicator is also an aggregate of the top exchanges. It gives us insights as to wether the market is in an accumulation or distribution phase which we can then confirm using our other tools.

Aggregated order flow charts