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Module 1Anticipatory Stage-
Lesson 1Introduction
Lesson 2Smart Money Indicator (SMI)
Lesson 3On-Chain Metrics
Lesson 4ITB Levels
Lesson 5140% Trade Breakdown Using ITB Levels
Lesson 6How To Join Discord Server
Module 2Executionary Stage+
Lesson 1Volume Profile
Lesson 2Volume Profile Live Examples
Lesson 3Raids, Liquidity & SMS
Lesson 4Raids Live Examples
Lesson 5BTC Monthly & Weekly Levels
Lesson 6BTC, ETH & Alt indexes
Lesson 7ZCash Cross Example
Module 3Trade Management Stage+
Lesson 1Liquidations & Open Interest
Lesson 2ETH Microstructure Example
Lesson 31INCH Microstructure Example
Lesson 4Average Ranges
Lesson 5Risk Management
Lesson 6Trading Plan Review
Lesson 7Indicator Suite
Module 4Trading Templates+
Lesson 1Swing Trading Template
Lesson 2Day Trading Template

Smart Money Indicator (SMI)

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