Smart Money Mastery Course


What’s Included?

2 Powerful Trading Strategies + Weekly Set-ups

Trading Strategies

You will learn 2 powerful trading strategy templates. A day trading strategy and a swing trading strategy that allows you to trade all market conditions.


  • BTC Dominance Insights
  • Advanced Market Cycles
  • How Liquidity Is Used To Move Markets
  • Institutional Pricing
  • In Depth Look At Market Manipulation
  • Advanced Support and Resistance
  • Achieving Optimal Risk To Reward
  • How To Effectively Mitigate Losses
  • Advanced Concepts In Market Correlation


Works In Any and EVERY market. If it moves, this will work!

Ongoing Weekly Set-Ups

Every week you will receive 1 video highlighting the best set ups in the Cryptocurrency and Forex markets. All weekly analysis will be posted on members only forum.

What You Will Get:

On Monday/Tuesday we will update you with potential trade ideas and set ups in the Cryptocurrency and Forex market.

Market Analysis:

All weekly videos will include a full breakdown using strategies and tools taught in the course along with how to trade the set ups.