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Leveraging the power of order flow analysis to create an edge in the cryptocurrency markets

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"Trading is not about being right but identifying when others are wrong." - unknown

Here at Beyond The Hodl we provide you with the tools, resources and education necessary to be able to identify exactly when traders are getting caught on the wrong side and how to profit from it.

Liquidity Pool &  Market Structure Indicators  

Why you should use our liquidity pool and market structure indicators:


  • Identify the best highs and lows for a potential false breakout
  • Save time and make informed decisions with ease
  • Identify major and minor turning points in the market
  • Gain valuable insights into market trends and movements
  • Built on an Intuitive and customizable platform to suit your individual trading style
Aggregated order flow charts

Derivatives Long/Short Extremes (Discord Alerts)

Why you should use our long/short extreme alerts:


  • Identify when one side of the market is overcrowded
  • Avoid potential trapped traders and increase chances of success
  • Automated alerts through Discord to stay informed even when away from your desk
  • Make informed trading decisions with up-to-date information on longs and shorts in the market

Market Sentiment Indicator

Why you should use the MSI:


  • Identify when the market is in an accumulation or distribution phase
  • Focus on the right side of the market for optimal trading opportunities
  • Automate the process with Discord alerts and save time
  • Based on real-time data and advanced analysis
Aggregated order flow charts