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Why Beyond The Hodl?

Ever wondered exactly when you should be “buying the dip” or “selling the rally”?
Here at Beyond The Hodl we will show you exactly how to do that by leveraging the power of on chain data and Smart Money Analysis to track the movements of whales.

On-Chain Analytics

The blockchain is a public & transparent ledger that allows us to see information we wouldn’t be able to see in other markets. This information can be gathered and converted into what we call On-Chain Analytics.

At Beyond The Hodl we will teach you how to use this on-chain data in order to identify and track whale buying and selling in the crypto markets so that you can trade along with them.

Smart Money Analysis

Most technical analysis methods don’t work. That’s why we use Smart Money Analysis.

It is a subset of TA that allows us to focus on concepts that help us find where the whales have been doing their buying or selling. As a result, we’re able to find great trading opportunities with above-average risk to reward ratios.

Smart Money Scanner

Markets trade 24/7. That’s why we created the Smart Money Scanner. It’s our proprietary software scanning all coins across the Binance exchange for potential buying opportunities using our smart money analysis concepts.

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